We spent 2 days in Copenhagen in November, so here are some practical information about the City. I was immediately under the spell of this city. Copenhagen is in my opinion incredible and surprising and is one of the most pleasant cities in the world!

Given the human size of the city, 2 days are enough to see the must-sees of Copenhagen, but if you like to take your time, I recommend visiting the city over 3 days.

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a city on a human scale where the main attractions and the most famous tourist sites are easily accessible by bike or on foot.

Here, it’s good to live. Hyge is the Danes’ secret for being happy. But what is hygge?Hygge is a philosophy of life inspired by the Danes, who advocate daily well-being through a simple and warm lifestyle. Here are some practical information regarding Copenhagen.

Good to know before you go 🧐

  • The currency in Denmark is the Danish krone.
  • Life in Copenhagen is quite expensive, so be prepared!

How to get around in Copenhagen?  🚲

As I said before, Copenhagen is a human-sized city where almost all points of interest are not far from each other. You have two options to get around. The first one is to visit the city on foot and the second one is to rent a bike.

We visited the city the first day on foot and the second day by bike.

You will find bikes all over the city. To rent them, the application Donkey Republic can be very helpful.

Donkey Republic is a global bike sharing service. Bikes are available for rent for a short or long time. You can stop, lock and unlock your bike without ending your rental and thus keep the bike as long as you want.

Many hotels also offer bike rentals, which means that your accommodation can also provide you with bikes.

Here you will see that cyclists are the kings of the road! The infrastructures are great for cycling. The Danes move a lot around by bike and with their families.

Where did we stay?

We stayed at the Cabinn hotel Copenhagen, located in the Vesterbro district.

Cabinn hotels are a chain of Danish budget hotels. They have eight hotels in the five largest cities in Denmark. It’s a fairly recent concept that is starting to be found all over the world and which consists of optimizing space to the maximum.

cabinn hotel copenhague

The rooms are quite small and narrow. You can compare the size to the ones of a cruise ship, but the quality and price of this kind of hotels is excellent.

We enjoyed the hotel, which also has a lot of facilities, such as a fitness room, a playground, a restaurant and even a theater.  The only small negative point is that it’s a bit outside the main city center.

Copenhagen and its neighborhoods 📍

Copenhagen has several neighborhoods with very different atmospheres and tourist interests.

city map of copenhagen
  • The Indre by district – The historic heart of Copenhagen. This is where the most famous main attractions and tourist sites are located.
  • Vesterbro – Copenhagen’s former red-light district, now an increasingly trendy area.
  • Christianshavn – One of the most original, pleasant and green areas of Copenhagen. It has canals, just like Amsterdam.
  • Norrebro – Voted the coolest neighborhood in the world in 2021 by Time Out magazine! It is difficult to define exactly what is meant by “cool” except that it is an atmosphere, a feeling… But this year, in addition to bars and restaurants, nightlife and cultural life, the magazine has chosen as criteria for its ranking the good living together, the community spirit or the sustainability.
  • Osterbro – This is a quiet residential area that is rarely visited by tourists, except for its number one attraction: The Little Mermaid statue.
  • Frederiksberg – An independent city of Copenhagen enclosed in the Danish capital.  It is one of the most exclusive and chic districts of Copenhagen. Here you will find the Frederiksberg Park and the Frederiksberg Botanical Garden.

I hope this article on the practical information about Copenhagen has inspired you for your future city trip. Do not hesitate to leave a comment! 😁

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