1-week road trip holiday itinerary in the south of Corsica

In this article, I will help you organize your trip by sharing my 1-week holiday itinerary in Southern Corsica.

This summer, we decided to explore the Island of Beauty, which is Corsica. We have heard so much good about this island that it aroused our curiosity and therefore made us wanted to discover it by our own eyes.

The island is aptly named the Island of Beauty. The different landscapes that we can contemplate along the road between the mountains, the sea, the Corsican bush and the lakes are just breathtaking! These landscapes reminded us of those of our road trip in the United States. Below, an overview of all the places we’ve been to.

corsica itinerary map

In terms of gastronomy, Corsica is also well-rated. Find here also my article about the Corsican gastronomy.

Practical information for a holiday in Southern Corsica

How to get to Corsica?  

By ferry

In our case, we took the ferry with our car from the port of Toulon to Ajaccio with the company Corsica-ferries. The duration is approximately 7 hours. If you want, you can take a cabin to rest during the crossing. The boat also has several restaurants and bars.

A little advice I can give you when boarding is to get seated fairly quickly, because of a lack of seats.

By plane

The island is also accessible by plane, which is also the fastest way of transport. There are three main airports in Corsica: Bastia, Ajaccio and Figari.

Day 1 | Ajaccio

As we arrived late in the afternoon, we spent the evening and overnight in the capital of Ajaccio.

The best way to discover the city is to stroll through the alleys, each as pleasant as the others, and to stop at the port to have a drink and enjoy the view.

For the record, it’s here that Napoleon Bonaparte was born, which is a French emperor in 1976. His ancestral home is situated in Ajaccio and is now a museum exhibiting family heirlooms.

A good place to eat in Ajaccio

| Brasserie Prova – Concept of improved tapas to share.

Day 2 | Zonza

The landscapes of Zonza along the road are simply amazing, as are all the bends of the winding road.

Zonza is a small village perched in the middle of the mountains which is located about 1-hour drive from Porto-Vecchio.

Where we stayed in Zonza?

We stayed at the hôtel le tourisme which I strongly recommend if you decide to spend one night in the village. The hotel has a magnificent swimming pool overlooking the mountain as well as a heated Jacuzzi. There is also a magnificent panoramic terrace where you can have breakfast. The photos below speak for themselves. 🤩

zonza hotel le tourisme

| L’Eternisula – This restaurant is located right in front of the hotel and offers local products.

| The authentic – For a quick and efficient lunch.

Day 3 | Porto Vecchio

It’s here that we dropped our bags for the next 5 nights, but before going to Porto Vecchio we drove through the interior of the country via Zonza.

Visiting the interior via Zonza

Before going to Porto Vecchio we made a small stop to see the aiguilles de Bavella that we could admire from the Belvédère – Affaccatoghju.

The aiguilles de Bavella dominate the Col de Bavella at 1218 m, connecting the Alta Rocca to the east coast of Corsica. The site is characterized by jagged peaks, large rock walls and wind-twisted pines. It is wonderful!

On the road to Porto Vecchio you will also come across the artificial lake of Ospedale which is located at an altitude of around 945 m and which reminded us of the landscapes of the United States.

Where did we stay in Porto-Vecchio?

We stayed at the résidence Lago Verde. The apartments were very good, each terrace has a barbecue, which we particularly appreciated.

The residence also has a large swimming pool and a courtyard with games for children.

Porto Vecchio is a very pleasant city. Its little square is very charming and filled with bars and restaurants.

There are several paid car parks in the area where you can park the car.

Good places to have a drink in Porto Vecchio 🍹

| The Othello bar – Bar with some music and good vibes.

| The Gardens of Eden – Terrace with a magnificent view overlooking the port of Porto Vecchio.

Some beaches near Porto Vecchio

  • Palombaggia – Certainly, one of the best beaches. Parking is chargeable and cost 10 euro.
  • Tamaricciu – Superb beach also with a few restaurants by the sea. Parking also costs 10 euro.
  • Santa Giulia – One of the best knowns in Corsica, which looks like à famous beach in the Seychelles. Parking here cost 5 euro.
  • Rondinara – We did not do it, but it is also a famous one.

Day 4 | Bonifacio

Bonifacio is known for its marina and its medieval citadel perched on a cliff. Getting lost in the alleys is the best way to discover the upper town! Take the opportunity to taste the delicious ice cream from Rocca Serra at the marina.

In Bonifacio, you can also take the stairs of King of Aragon for the modest sum of €5.00. The Staircase of the King of Aragon in Bonifacio is a listed historical monument and picturesque site of Corsica. According to the legend, the stairs were dug by hand in the limestone cliff in one night by the troops of the King of Aragon in 1420.

Where to have a view of Bonifacio

From this spot 41°22’57.7″N 9°10’18.6″E you’ll have a magnificent view overlooking the cliffs of Bonifacio. This spot is great for watching the sunset.

An advice I can give you is to go to the Bonifacio Coral Shop, where you’ll find Bonifacian specialty of confectioner François Rocca Serra, and emblem of ancestral know-how, the Corail de Bonifacio is a marriage of flavors typical of the Isle of Beauty.

Take with you the Corsican flavors of this original delicacy, whose origin can be found in a romantic encounter between Napoleon and a beautiful Bonifacienne (woman from Bonifacio).

Some beaches near Bonifacio

  • Petit Sperone beach – It is a very beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise waters. To get there, you have to park near Piantarella beach, then walk 15 minutes. From the beach we can see the island of Piana.
  • Grand Sperone beach – It is also a magnificent beach worthy of a Caribbean beach. To get there you have to go through that of the little Sperone and walk 10 minutes through the bush along the golf course.
  • Roccapina beach – The beach is wild, and the water is turquoise and is located halfway between Bonifacio and Sartène. From the beach you can see the Lion of Roccapina which is a small wonder of nature. Two large car parks are free at the beach. The path to get there is bumpy but still passable. Don’t be afraid and take it slow.

Day 5 | Beach club day & evening in Solenzara

Beach club Da Mare sea lounge

We had lunch at beach Club Da Mare, and we spent the afternoon on their beach. Our lunch was excellent, and the beach is also very pretty. If you love spending some time at the beach club, I recommend this place.

Dinner in Solenzara

For those who are fans of the French TV show Pekin Express, we went to dinner at the restaurant of one of the participant of the game. They have a restaurant, called the LBJ in Solenzara. The meal was excellent and on top of that there are memories of the games all over the restaurant. It was a great evening.

Day 6 | Sartène & horse ride


It is said of Sartène that it is the most Corsican of the villages, and it is a stopover not to be missed on your itinerary.

Horse ride

At the end of the afternoon, we did an activity that we particularly enjoyed. We took a horseback ride and swim through the Corsican bush to the sea. Swimming in the sea with the horses was simply a magical moment. 😍

There are several ranches on the island offering this type of activity.

Day 7 | Favone beach

We had lunch at the Maradea restaurant, an ephemeral restaurant which also belongs to the participant of the TV show Pekin express. It is located in the bay of Favone. An excellent place to eat, almost with your feet in the water. 😎

After our lunch, we spent the afternoon at the beach in front of the restaurant.

Day 8 | Boat day

For our last day in Corsica, we booked a boat dat trip. On the program, we visited the Lavezzi Islands, we had a stopover in Sardinia and more precisely on the Maddalena archipelago, and we visited the entire International Marine Park of Bonifacio. This day was very nice but to be honest a bit expensive for what it was.

If ever this excursion interests you, we have booked it with Corse Nautic Escape.

In summary, we loved discovering the south of Corsica on a holiday, and we will certainly come back to discover other corners.

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