Practical information about Mallorca 🧡

During the month of May, we visited the island of Mallorca for a road trip of 10 days.

Mallorca is part of the Spanish Balearic Islands like Ibiza and Menorca and is the largest island of the three. Mallorca is famous for its seaside resorts, its beaches with turquoise waters, its mountains and winding roads as well as its typical villages. That island has everything to please you!

We really enjoyed our stay in Mallorca, because it combines several landscapes. During our 10 days Mallorca road trip, we were able to discover the different sides of this island. Read more in this article about the essentials of this amazing island. 🥰 

When to go and how to move around? 🚘

You can visit the island at any time of the year, as its climate is fairly mild all year round.

To visit the island, I advise you to rent a car. I also advise you to stay at different places in order to be as close as possible to the main sites. As the distances between each town are quite long, we stayed at three different locations; one in Palma, one in the south of the island and the last one in the north of the island.

Here is a map showing the points of our itinerary to visit the island of Mallorca.

The must-see of Mallorca ✔️

mallorca itinerary map

| Palma 🏢

We started our trip in Palma, where we spent our 2 first nights, and more precisely in old Palma. The location was perfect as we were close to the main attractions.

The Old Palma, what to do?

Stroll through the small alleys of old Palma and contemplate the architecture of the buildings. By walking around, you will see the Llotja de Palma monument, which has a Gothic architecture.

Also go to Place Major, which is a historic public square with a craft market. Along the way, you will also pass by Paseo del Borne, which is an avenue with luxury boutiques.

Basílica de Santa María

The catedral-Basílica de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca, Cathedral of Mallorca or La Seu is the largest religious building on the island of Mallorca and the second in Spain by its length after the Cathedral of Seville.

Just in front is situated the Parque del Mar. We had a lunch break here (with very good food from Fornet De La Soca and Mallorca delicatessen – see more on Mallorca’s gastronomy), the view was pretty amazing.

The must-see beaches in the south of Mallorca ⛱ 

After Palma, we took the road to the south and its beautiful beaches, and stayed at our second accommodation in Cala D’or, which is a popular resort during the summer months. It is in my opinion a pleasant place to stay, close to some beautiful beaches.

We visited several beaches in the south, and had to make a selection of the beaches to visit, as the island has so many beaches! Below, are some of them, we visited.

Cala Pi

Cala Pi is in my opinion one of the most beautiful and if not the most beautiful beach. The water is cristal blue, and looks like a natural swimming pool. Cala Pi has also a small, cute fishing village.

To get to the beach, you have to go down the steps to the bottom. If you want to find the place below for a nice photo, at the start of the stairs you have to turn left and walk along the cliff for about thirty meters.

Platja des Trenc

This beach is a large natural beach of 2 km long. The beach is fairly well-preserved from large hotels and restaurants and is located in a national park.

Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro beach can be a bit difficult to find. Residents have put up signs indicating that the road is private, but it is possible to drive to the beach.

When you have parked your car, it is a few hundred meters on foot. Caló des Moro is an incredibly beautiful beach, located at the end of a bay with steep cliffs.

mallorca 10 days itinerary

Cala S’Almunia

Cala S’Almunia is a charming little cove, located in a rocky bay surrounded by pine trees.

Cala Llombards

This beach is also great for resting, with small fishermen’s houses on the side.

cala llombards

Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is not really a beach, but rather a charming traditional fishing village with white painted houses.

You can take a nice little stroll along the village facing the sea. Cala Figuera is also known as ‘little Venice’.

The villages in the south of Mallorca 🕍

The island of Mallorca also has charming little traditional villages. We visited one of the most famous in the south of the island.


Santanyi is a historic rural town famous for its golden stone architecture. You can watch people moving around by sitting at one of the many terraces at the main square in front of the church.

Market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays and are therefore the best days to come and soak up the atmosphere, as locals go to the market to buy local products.

Ses Salines

Ses Salines is a small town and municipality located in one of the most beautiful parts of south-eastern Mallorca. Every Thursday there is a small market.

Have a drink

We stopped for a drink at the Cassai Gran Café & Restaurant. This place is very Instagrammable and the cocktails were delicious! I recommend that place for a short stopover. 😊


The traditional town of Artá ​​is situated in the middle of a large valley at the foot of a small mountain in the northeast of Mallorca. The city clings rigorously to its heritage, making few concessions for tourism.

Artá is dominated by the fortified Santuari de Sant Salvador, which is a major attraction for tourists. We did a very pleasant walk to the Santuari. To reach the top we had to climb the tree-lined walkway, which is made up of 180 steps.

The must-see beaches in the North of Mallorca ⛱

After spending some time in the southern part of the island, we took the road to the north, and more precisely to the city of Inca where we had our third hotel. The south was very beautiful, but the north was also very pretty. Here are some of the must-see places in the northern part of the island.

Regarding the beaches we visited, there is Agulla beach. This beach has fine golden sand, turquoise, and transparent waters and has an unspoiled setting.

The next one is Formentor beach. Known for its crystal-clear waters and for the magnificent landscape that surrounds it, Formentor Beach is regularly on the podium of the rankings of the most beautiful beaches in Spain and Europe.

The last one we visited was playa de Muro. It is arguably one of the largest beaches on the island. The area is very popular with tourists; however, its seafront is very well-preserved.

The villages in the north of Mallorca 🕍

The town of Alcudia

The historic fortified town of Alcudia is built between ramparts. It is very pleasant to walk there. I like this town as it is very charming. The pedestrian zone offers welcoming restaurants, cafes with beautiful terraces and cozy backyards, craft shops, elegant boutiques and Mallorcan specialties.

Once in Alcudia, you can also go to the port, located 5 minutes away.

Cap de Formentor

A scenic drive takes you to the northern tip of Mallorca, where the Cap de Formentor is situated, and where the upper end of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range meets the Mediterranean. Cap de Formentor literally means « end of Formentor ».

The mountainous and windy roads are simply breathtaking! You can stop at the Mirador es Colomer to enjoy a nice view of the breathtaking landscape.

We went to the Formentor lighthouse. The view is sublime. One tip I can give you is to go there at sunset for a breathtaking view.

From our accommodation in the north, we were also able to visit the towns of Soller, Valdemossa, Fornalutx as well as Deia.

The town of Sóller and its port

The authentic town of Sóller is situated in the heart of the “valley of oranges” or “valley of gold” as it is sometimes called and offers a lot to visitors and residents.

Plaza de la Constitución, which is the main square is the beating heart of Sóller, lined with numerous bars and cafes, and dominated by the characteristic monument of the valley, the Church of Sant Bartomeu. The tram connecting the city and the port regularly crisscrosses this splendid square. Sóller has also a market that takes place on Saturdays.

Not far from the village of Sóller is situated the port of Sóller, which is well-known and popular especially because of its historic tram. Around the port, you can enjoy a meal or drink in one of the many restaurants.

Nus de sa Corbata

After Sóller, we took the road to point Nus de sa Corbata.

Take the sinuous road accessible from the MA-10, which winds through the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana. It is worth stopping around the Coll dels reis to admire the magical landscape! From here you will see the famous 8 road.


The village of Valldemossa is located in the Tramuntana mountains, perched on a hill, surrounded by terraced land. This is another picturesque village to see when passing through the North of the island.


Fornalutx is a charming hillside village in the Sóller Valley. The authentic mountain village of Fornalutx is nestled on the heights of the Tramuntana mountain range.

Often called the prettiest village in Spain, the stone buildings and red-tiled roofs combine with the scent of the surrounding orange and lemon trees to provide a traditional rustic charm.


The small coastal village of Deià, on the northwest coast of Mallorca, is one of the most beautiful villages on the island. It is situated at the foot of the Teix mountain, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Bay of Deià

From the village, you can go to Cala Deià which is a small rocky cove with a pebble beach. We ate here at the C’as Patro March restaurant. That restaurant overlooks the clear blue waters of the cala. This unpretentious place attracts quite a few visitors for its deliciously fresh fish dishes and tapas. Read more about food in my article – Mallorcan Gastronomy for other good addresses.

After this journey in the north of the island, we went back to Palma to end our magnificent stay in Mallorca.

I hope that this article about my 10 days road trip through Mallorca has inspired you for your future trip! Feel free to leave a comment. 😊

Read also my article about the gastronomy of Mallorca and my about good addresses.

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