Last March, I went to the island of Gran Canaria. Why did I choose for the Canary Islands? Simply because I was looking for a destination not too far away, still in Europe, where I could get some sun.

To be honest, it’s a destination which at first never really interested me, but after visiting the island, I can tell you that my enthusiasm is at its highest. The landscapes are splendid and so varied! 

Read more in this article, 5 must-see spots on the island of Gran Canaria.⬇️

How to get around the island of Gran Canaria ? 🚘

To visit the island, I strongly advise you to rent a car. Without having a car, it’s quite complicated to move around. For my car reservation, I went through the agency Cicar, which I strongly recommend. They are unbeatable in terms of price and on top of that, I was very satisfied by their services.

Accommodation 😴 

Concerning the accommodation, I stayed at 2 different hotels, which I don’t recommend one. The other one is Pension Playa which was great for its rooftop and which I strongly recommend. The price is also very reasonable!

Budget details for a roadtrip in Gran Canaria 💰

Here are the details of my expenses for my trip to Gran Canaria for 6 days:

  • ✈️  Flight Brussels – Gran Canaria : +- €200 (return from Tenerife)
  • 🚘 Car rental: €180 for the 6 days
  • 💳 Gasoline: €55 for the whole trip
  • 😴  Hotels: +- €50 per night (in total it was €268 for 2 people)
  • 🍽 Restaurant: €40 per day per person for 2 meals at the restaurant

Average for a 6 nights’ trip = €945 or €472.5 per person, excluding activities.

Enough about the organization, let’s move on to the discovery of the island. 🤗

5 must-see spots on Gran Canaria island ✔️

1 | Barranco de las Vacas 📸

Yes, there is a canyon in Gran Canaria! This is not exclusive to the United States… This is one of the reasons why the island is also called the “miniature continent“. Indeed, its diversity of landscapes allows the visitor to enjoy a complete vacation with many things to do.

The canyon of Vacas is one of those hidden gems found in Gran Canaria. This place reminded me of the Antelope Canyon in the United States.

How to get there?

To get to Barranco de las Vacas, take the GC-550 and go to kilometer 14 of the road. So that Google Maps does not mislead you, you must put “Tobas de Colores del Barranco de las Vacas“. This way you can’t get lost.

The site is located just below a bridge that bends to the left. From the top of the bridge, you can already appreciate this spectacular geological formation.

To get to the Barranco de las Vacas, you have to take a path from the main road; they are about 200 meters before the canyon.

2| Azulejos de Veneguera 🌈 

It’s a must-see place on the island, the “Rainbow Rocks“, better known as Los Azulejos de Veneguera. The amazing colors of these mountains are due to volcanic activity.

On the winding roads, you can see these beautiful colored rocks. The road to these rocks is one of the most beautiful and surprising of the island.

On the parking lot, there is a small fruit vendor who makes excellent fresh fruit juice.

3 | Maspalomas dunes 🧡

It is one of the most unmissable landscapes of the island. The dunes of Maspalomas are a unique wild place on the island of Gran Canaria, and is classified as a natural area. 400 hectares of desert with the ocean in the background to complete the whole.

I loved this place where I felt so small in front of the beauty of this stunning landscape.

To get there, park around the Riu Palace hotel. Then, go to the Mirador de Las Dunas de Maspalomas, and you can start your walk from there.

dunes de maspalomas

4 | Puerto Mogan 🌸

Puerto de Mogan is a little yacht marina with restaurants, cafés and bars surrounding the local fishing fleet, which is still operating. It’s the perfect location for an evening walk, watching the sunset or simply to relax.

We had our accommodation here and loved it so much.  I really recommend visiting this place.

5 | Roque Nublo hike 🏜

El Roque Nublo is one of the largest rocks and natural spaces created by volcanic activity. It is also one of the symbols of the island of Gran Canaria. Breathtaking landscapes and greenery that contrast with the deserted landscapes of the south of the island.

Don’t hesitate one second to take a short 30′ walk from the Roque Nublo parking lot to discover the unique panorama !

Bonus | 2 typical Canarian towns

Terror : Teror is a small village in the heart of the mountains, where you can observe the typical architecture of the Canaries. It is therefore pleasant to walk around and drink a coffee on a terrace.

Tejeda: The village of Tejeda is one of the smallest villages on the sunny vacation island. The village is situated at 1000 meters above sea level and is the highest part of Gran Canaria. The village of Tejeda is characterized by the white houses surrounded by almond trees.

I hope this article on Gran Canaria and its 5 must-see spots, will help you prepare your visit! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments of the article. I’ll be happy to answer them. 

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