Mallorca is an island that attracts many tourists every year, especially for the beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its cultural and historical heritage and its many places to party.

However, it is also a place of surprising gastronomy known for its local specialties and especially for its traditional specialties between land and sea.

In this article, I will introduce you to some local specialties as well as some good addresses that caught my attention during the trip.

| Gastronomy of Mallorca – sweet


Ensaimada is a small, spiral-shaped cake sprinkled with icing sugar. This traditional pastry exists since the 17th century and is usually eaten in the morning. In their most common version, ‘ensaïmades’ are not filled, however, some bakeries do offer them with a cream or chocolate filling.


These other typical Balearic pastries will satisfy your little sweet tooth. This rustic pastry is traditionally made before religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas, but you’ll find it on every island throughout the year for you to taste!

| Gastronomy of Mallorca – salted

Las panades

The panades are the typical Mallorcan empanadas. These small individual pies are traditionally stuffed with cod, chicken, peas, etc.

pa amb oli’

‘pa amb oli’, is a Mallorcan specialty consisting of a thick slice of bread drizzled with olive oil and then covered with garlic, tomatoes and cured ham.

Fish and shellfish

In Mallorca, the whole Mediterranean comes to your table. From salt cod to fresh oysters and squid, Mallorca is a seafood lover’s paradise.

| Lechona

For those who prefer meat, ‘lechona’ is a delicious roast suckling pig that is usually served on special occasions. However, most local restaurants offer it on set days, so look for it on the menu; this is a typical dish of Mallorca’s gastronomy.


Mallorca also serves ‘sobrassada’, a type of pork pâté usually eaten with bread; it is sometimes used as an ingredient in the preparation of other typical dishes.


We obviously cannot talk about Mallorca without mentioning its paella. This typical Spanish dish comes in many variations, with or without seafood. Paella is a popular blend of rice, beans, seafood or meat – sometimes both – cooked with spices and herbs that water your mouth.

| The drinks of Mallorca


The wine is very appreciated and recognized in Mallorca. In fact, there are 2 denominations of origin in Mallorcan wines: Pla i Llevant and Binissalem. The island has its own wine route, a tourist excursion allowing the visit of 12 farms on the island.

Palo de Mallorca or Tunel

If we talk about an apéritif, the traditional Mallorcan alcohol is Palo de Mallorca. This drink is the result of the maceration of several plants, to which caramelized sugar and alcohol are added. Very popular on the island, you won’t be able to leave without tasting it!

| My good addresses in Palma de Mallorca

Restaurant/ bakery

  • Fornet de la Soca – Head to the family-owned artisan bakery, el Fornet de la Soca, to taste some of Mallorcan’s most traditional breads and pastries.
  • Mallorca delicatessen – The Mallorca delicatessen is a grocery store with all kinds of Mallorcan specialties.
  • La cueva – This restaurant is located in old Mallorca. Our plate of fish was very good as well as the dessert.
  • La bodega – La Bodega restaurant is also located in old Mallorca and serves Mallorcan specialties.
  • Ombu – At Ombu we serve you improved tapas.
  • Oes3 wine, coffee & food – This is our favorite restaurant. It is located in the Santa Catalina district. We ate very well! Well, I admit that in the photo the dishes are not really tasty, but I assure you that it was delicious. One plate is about sea bass fillet with pumpkin purée accompanied by puffed chickpeas and the other one is beef cheeks.


  • SantinaSantina is located in the Santa Catalina district. Our breakfast was excellent, especially my mango smoothie bowl!


  • 49 steps Bar & Grill – For a view of the Port of Palma, have a drink at 49 Steps Bar & Grill. We enjoyed the moment here and the cocktails were good.

| Good address in Ses Saliness

| Good address in Deia

  • C’as Patro March – From the village, you can go to Cala Deià, a small rocky cove with a pebble beach. We ate there at the C’as Patro March restaurant, overlooking the clear blue waters of the cala. This unpretentious place attracts many visitors for its deliciously fresh fish dishes and tapas.

As you noticed, the gastronomy of Mallorca is very various. I hope that this article has inspired you to have good food on the island! Feel free to leave a comment.

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