Lisbon 4 days city guide

If you are going to visit Lisbon in 4 days during a weekend or a road trip in Portugal, then you are at the right place! In this article, I explain EVERYTHING you need to know to discover the city at your own pace during a long weekend. You will also discover all the must-see places in the city.

It was my first time in Portugal and it was a great surprise! The climate was perfect. We also really enjoyed the Portuguese cuisine.

What I also liked about Lisbon is that it is a fairly airy city. I didn’t feel suffocated by the traffic as I may have been in other capitals. The city is located by the sea, which is particularly relaxing.

Read below my 4 days in Lisbon and its 14 things to do.

Transportation & accommodation

How to move in Lisbon?

During our trip, we mostly visited the sites on foot. For visits not in the city center, we used Uber as it is not that expensive in Portugal.

Where did we stay in Lisbon?

We booked a hotel via in the area of Bica, which is situated in not far from everything. It is really a recommender in terms of situation and price.

The hotel is also situated next to the elevator of Bica, which it’s one of the most photogenic funiculars in the city. Located on a steep street in Lisbon, with the Tagus River as a backdrop, this old funicular exudes a crazy charm.

That funicular will allow you to preserve your legs to access Bairro Alto and take some souvenir photos of that must-see funicular in Lisbon.

14 things to do in Lisbon

1. Trade square (Praça do Coméricio)

The place of commerce is located at the bottom of the city, along the Tagus. This magnificent square, surrounded by yellow-colored buildings, is the most important in Lisbon. It is the entrance to the city, marked by the triumphal arch.

2. Take the tram 28 🚋

Take this legendary streetcar line 28 that offers the most beautiful route in Lisbon through the city’s neighborhoods. I recommend you take it on a few stops to discover the Alfama district on board the famous streetcar. In this neighborhood, you will find fado shows

The ride itself gives you some thrills: you will be amazed at how this little tram weaves its way around. Very tight turns, steep slopes, badly parked cars: nothing can stop the 28 tram, which still manages to make its way! Even in the narrowest streets where there are only a few centimeters between the tram and the walls of the houses, the tram 28 traces its route.

3. Miradouro’s of Lisbon

Admire the city from different viewpoints. As the city is built on 7 hills, it multiplies the chances of stumbling upon beautiful watchtowers while you are visiting Lisbon. Here are three views we saw:

  1. The Santa Luzia miradouro, a belvedere with arcades and a garden, offering one of the most beautiful views over the old town and the ‘Tagus River‘.
  2. Miradoura Da Graçia. A haven of peace, with a small garden and a breathtaking view over the old town. Its small columns add additional charm to the place.
  3. Miradoura Da Senhora Do Monte (Our Lady of the Hill Viewpoint). This is the highest point of the city. The panorama over the city is impressive, as it allows you to embrace at a glance the ‘castle of Sao Jorge’, the ‘historic center’, the ‘Tagus’, the ’25th of April bridge’ and the ‘Christ the King’.

4. Castelo de San Jorge

This is a historic castle in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. The entrance fee is 10 EUR. We did not visit the castle. According to us, there are enough free viewpoints of the city. This is a personal opinion, of course.

The activity costs less than 10 € and offers great views of the city. Plus, you’ll learn a little more about the history of Lisbon. You can get your tickets directly on the official website of the castle.

5. Santa Justa Elevetor

The Elevador of Santa Justa is one of Lisbon’s unique tourist attractions. This industrial-age wonder carries its passengers 45 meters high to take them from the Baixa district to Largo do Carmo. The top offers an incredible view over the city.

If you want to take the lift, the fee is around 5 €, but if you want to take the stairs (situated in the street behind the commercial street) the fee is 1,50 € per person. That’s what we actually did.

6. Pink street

Lisbon’s Pink Street, nicknamed for the pink color of its floor, is a hot spot for Lisbon’s party scene. This is where you can spend great evenings drinking with locals and dancing in the best clubs around.

But the Pink Street also has a certain charm during the day, and you can discover it by walking around the neighborhood.

7. Time-out market of Lisbon

Taste the cuisine of Lisbon’s most popular chefs at the Time-Out Market. The Time-Out Market is a large covered market with around thirty small kiosks lined up. Each stand is run by a different chef who offers his specialties. That place has become a trendy place for the Lisbon gastronomy.

8. Walk along the Tage

Walk along the Tage and watch the sunset or enjoy a drink from the Jardim de Roque Gameiro.

9. Take a boat tour

We booked (see below) a sunset boat tour of about 2 hours. It is a nice way to discover Lisbon from another perspective.

10. Visit Belém

Another must-see neighborhood in Lisbon is Bélem because of its tower, its pasteïs de Nata and its history.

The tower of Belèm was built between 1515 and 1521. It used to stand in the middle of the Tagus and was intended to defend the entrance to the port. For visits to the tower, click here.

Once in Belém, you can also visit the Hieronymite Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jeronimos). The Hieronymites Monastery was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1983. Its name in Portuguese is Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.

Designed by the architect Diogo de Boitaca, the construction of the Hieronymites Monastery began on January 6, 1501 and was completed at the end of the 16th century. The dominant style of the monastery is the Manueline style. It was built to commemorate the return from India of Vasco da Gama

11. Statue of Cristo Rei

It is located in the Armada district. You will have to take the ferry from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas. The crossing takes about 10 minutes and the trip costs 3 € each way. From the statue, you will have a view of the 25th of April Bridge, which resembles the one in San Francisco since it was created by the same American company.

The bridge was once called Salazar Bridge, Portuguese dictator and was renamed after the April 25 revolution.

12. LX Factory

Under the 25th of April bridge, in a former factory, is situated the LX Factory, the creative center of the city.

In a few years, LX Factory has become a real reference point in Lisbon, and some people even call it the trendiest neighborhood in the Portuguese capital, the Portuguese Brooklyn. The reasons for this success? A post-industrial atmosphere and a clever mix of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and original and fashionable stores in a relaxed style. Not to mention the presence of co-working spaces, a gym and even a youth hostel. A modern and ultra-complete place to live. The space occupied today by this LX Factory was previously a 23,000 m2 industrial complex created in 1846.

I really liked this area of Lisbon. It is simply a must if you come to visit Lisbon in 4 days in my opinion!

13. Eat a Pastéis de Nata

It is not possible to end our trip in Lisbon without telling you about the Pastéis de Nata. A staple of Portuguese cuisine, the pastéis are delicious little flans surrounded by puff pastry. They can be enjoyed plain or with cinnamon and icing sugar. We tried three different places:

  1. Pastéis de Belém, situated in Belém is one of the most famous Pastéis factories in the country. So if you visit this district of Lisbon, be sure to stop at the Pastéis de Belém factory.
  2. La Fabrica de Nata
  3. Manteigaria

The three are excellent, but I have a preference for those of Manteigaria.

14. Barrio Alto district

Have a drink in the district of Barrio Alto. This is a lively neighborhood of Lisbon.

My Tips in Lisbon

  • Have a coffee at ‘A Brasileira’ in front of the Baixa Chiado square.
  • Try the Ginja, a typical Portuguese liqueur made by infusing Ginja berries in alcohol.
  • Have a drink with Beirao liquor, a Portuguese liqueur from the Beira region of Portugal. I drank a Spritz based on that at the Time-Out market.

I hope I could help you if you come to visit Lisbon in 4 days. Discover also my article for good addresses in Lisbon. If you want to discover other regions of Portugal, discover also my article on the Algarve and Porto.

Check also my food guide for good addresses in Lisbon.

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