If you’re wondering about how to get around in Thailand, this article will help you! Thailand has a dense transportation network that can take you almost anywhere in the country.

Buses are the most popular and widely used means of transport. There are also many minibus companies. Trains serve the four cardinal points, but not all major cities. For example, there are no trains to popular tourist destinations such as Phuket and Sukhothai. Around twenty Thai cities have an airport with at least one connection to Bangkok, but not always with daily flights. To get to the Thai islands, there are ferry companies and speedboats.

To get around Bangkok, in addition to the famous tuk-tuks and multicolored cabs, there are several types of public transport: subways, Skytrain, buses, Chao Phraya Express boats (on the Bangkok canals).

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Getting around Thailand: Several options

You’ll find a summary below about getting around in Thailand.

The bus 🚌

The country has an extensive bus network. You can take day or night buses, and they are, for the most part, comfortable and economical. It was mainly by bus that we traveled the country.

The train 🚂​

Thailand has an extensive rail network. You can travel to the North as well as the South. A word of advice: book a few days in advance to ensure availability. The most popular is the Bangkok-Chiang Mai line. It’s a very pleasant journey, with admirable scenery that’s perfect for daydreaming. We took the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

The boat 🛥️

Once in the South, the only way to get between the islands is by boat. The maritime network is well-developed, so you’ll have no trouble finding a boat. However, you should be aware that transfer prices are quite high!

By plane ✈️

If you don’t have a lot of time locally, this is an option! There are many domestic routes at affordable prices. The Asian low-cost airline is Air Asia.

Scooter 🛵​

In the cities, on the islands, or in the countryside, renting a scooter is the best option for exploring the surrounding area. It costs between 5 and 7 euros a day. The roads are well-maintained and the Thais drive slowly, making it easy to learn for those who have never driven a scooter before. Be careful, in Thailand, you drive on the left!

Songhtaew 🛻

Songthaews are collective cabs or local buses. They are vans or trucks with wooden benches at the back for passengers to sit on. You pay according to distance. It’s a means of transport for short distances. In some towns, songthaews are used for the local bus network.

Motorcycle cabs 🏍️​

Motorcycle cabs are to be found almost everywhere in Thailand. They are much more common than four-wheel cabs. The drivers are easily recognizable with their (customary) colorful vests. Thais use them a lot. Motorcycle cabs are the cheapest and fastest form of individual transport. But only a few drivers offer helmets to their passengers. Always ask for one!

You can order them via the app Grab.

Tuk-tuk 🛺​

Tuk-tuk is very common, especially in the capital Bangkok. Negotiate the price carefully for each trip.

Le minivan 🚐

Minivans are regularly offered for shorter distances, shorter. We had one from Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

The Grab app 📱​

Downloading the Grab app is the easiest way to get from place to place for a pretty reasonable price. There are always some, and it’s private. You have the option of cab, tuk-tuk, and moto-taxis.

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I hope I’ve helped you organize your trip to Thailand and answered your questions about getting around in Thailand. If you like Asia, take a look at our other articles.

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