After our trip in Israel, we decided to cross the border to spend a few days in Jordan. We spent only 4 days in Jordan, because of a lack of time due to our work. Therefore, I made a small road trip itinerary that allowed us to discover the main sites of Jordan.

Jordan was a wonderful surprise. The sceneries are breathtaking, and the people are incredibly kind. Jordan has world-class archaeological sites, spectacular desert sceneries, friendly people, delicious food and guaranteed sunshines.🤩

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Border crossing in Jordan 🚧

As we were first in Israel, we crossed the border in Eilat, situated in the south of Israel, which is the main touristic border.

There are three borders you can cross, but as I already said Eilat is the touristic one. The main sites are also situated in the south of Jordan, which make it easier to cross the border in the south. We crossed the border by foot as it is not recommended passing with an Israeli car, and took a taxi on the Jordan site.

How to move in Jordan? 🚖

The best way is to rent a car if you want flexibility or moving by taxi. We moved by taxi, because we were there for a little time.

Taxis are relatively inexpensive compared to what you might be used to pay. You can always negotiate a deal with the driver if you need him to wait for you. There are also busses, but the connections are bad.

Things to know before crossing the border

  • It is not recommended crossing the border with an Israeli car.
  • You can obtain your Jordan Visa at the border, but I recommend you to do it online.
  • The borders are not always open, so check the opening hours before.
  • Be patient while crossing the border, because you can queue for a long time.

For more information, Read this post before crossing the border.

The Jordan pass, what is it? 🧐

This pass is an initiative of the Jordan ministry to make it easier for tourists to travel around Jordan. If you plan to visit a lot of touristic sites, including Petra, I recommend you to buy the Jordan Pass which will save you money.

Now that we talked about that, we can come back to the fun part of the trip. I’ll explain everything about my Jordan itinerary and hope to inspire you for your further Jordan trip! 😃

DAY 1 – Wadi rum

On the first day of our Jordan road trip itinerary, we visited the Wadi Rum. Home to nomadic Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum is a quiet getaway of stars, sand, and sun.

To visit the wadi rum, we took a guide that we met in Aqaba. While I was in Israel, he contacted me via Instagram and introduced himself as Raed. The contact went well, and therefore we decided to rely on him for our visit to the desert of Wadi Rum.

Things to do in the Wadi rum

1 | Camel ride 🐪

We first had a camel ride for about 1 hour in the desert from the camp of our guide. It was a nice experience through the desert. After our ride, we had lunch made by our host, Raed, which was delicious! 😋

After that little break, the real visit through the Wadi Rum could start! 😁

Jordan itinerary
wadi rum camels

2 | Jeep tour in the desert

To visit the desert, we did a jeep tour, and went in the back of the jeep to better contemplate the views. It was such an amazing experience! 🤩

Raed and his cousins stopped at different spots, We had a wonderful time with them. If you are planning a Wadi Rum visit, I recommend you to take contact with Raed.

Jordan itinerary
jJordan itinerary eep in the wad rum jordan
wadi rum desert

3 | Admire the Sunset

After the visit in the desert, we stopped at a spot to watch the sunset. It was really amazing! 🤩

After that day full of memories, Raed dropped us off at a gas station, and we took a taxi that he had negotiated for us to go to the city of Petra.

DAY 2 – Petra

We spent the night at the Tetra tree hotel, which is situated in the center of Wadi Musa and at about 5-minute drive from Petra. The room was spacious and the view over the city was really nice.

As you might have understood, our second day of our Jordan itinerary was devoted to Petra, which is one of the seven world wonders. The ancient city of Petra is one of Jordan’s national treasures and by far its best known tourist attraction.

We did Petra in one day, and it is really fair if you’re sporty enough, and if you don’t want to spend too much time at different points. In order to fully enjoy the wonders of Petra, we woke up early. Something I can recommend you is to wear good shoes as you will have to walk a lot!

Things to visit in Petra

Before arriving at the first stop of Petra, we walked about 20 minutes. The path is called the Siq. Once arrived, you will the Treasury monument (Arabic: Al-Khazneh) will be in front of you. I recommend you to have a hike to the famous viewpoint Treasury

Don’t get a guide! You should know that many Jordanians are waiting for tourists, offering their help to climb to that point in exchange for money.

They mean, by climbing, straight up. This way, they can get you up in about 15 minutes, but this climb is very dangerous. We did it this way, but won’t do it again! This is a scam and we got tricked. There are other saver ways to go up, but it will take more time.

After the treasury, follow the plan, you will pass through a lot of monuments. At the end of the path you will get to the Monastery. Seen from the entrance, the Monastery is the furthest away from all the sights. It is about 4 miles / 1.5 hours walk from the entrance, and you have a climb of about 850 steps to overcome. I recommend you to have a typical Jordan coffee in front of the Monastery and to enjoy the view! 😎


Note: You can move around in Petra by camels, donkeys and horses. We do not recommend doing this, because the animals are often not treated properly.

The day in Petra was rich in discoveries. We were very tired at the end of the visit. On our way back, at the entrance of the site, we had a drink and a hookah at the cave bar. A recommender! It is a very relaxing place. 👍

DAY 3 – Dead Sea

In the evening after our visit in Petra, we took a taxi to go to the Dead Sea. It’s around a 3-hour drive. We had chosen a big resort, the Movenpick resort & spa Dead Sea, to relax a little after the rush of the lasts visits.

We had a good time there by chilling at the pool and swimming into the Dead Sea. It’s a huge complex, with a lot of facilities and several pools, a private beach, a spa, different restaurants and big comfy rooms. The breakfast was also quite amazing!

DAY 4 – Amman

Our last stop of our Jordan road trip itinerary was Amman. Amman is a vibrant city, and a treasure trove of historic sites and cultural activities. 

We spent the night at Beirut hotel. We only paid 30 euro the night and the rooms were ok. It is situated in the center of the city.

Things to do in Amman

1 | The Amman Citadel

The Amman citadel is situated at the heart of the downtown area of Amman. That historic citadel is a wonderful place to visit, and combines the ancient history of the city with a great location offering spectacular views over the city. The entrance is 2JD or free with the Jordan Pass.

2 | Ancient theater

Ancient theater

3 | Get lost in the souks of Amman

4 | King Abdullah Mosque

The entrance to the mosque is paying, around 2 JOD. There are djelabas loaned for women. The mosque is large. When you go out, they are offering tea and invite you to buy some souvenirs. Do not get fooled.

Other things to do in Jordan 🤗

Things we wished to do, but had not enough time to see, and we highly recommend you are:

  • Visiting Jerash
  • Visiting Madaba
  • Spent a night in the Wadi Rum desert
  • Hiking into the valley of Dana
  • Spent some time in Aqaba and do some snorkeling 

My Tips and restaurants recommendation

  • If you are looking for a dinner in Amman, I recommend you Zajal restaurant.
  • Try the Knafeh Na’ameh, which is a sweet cheese pastry at Habiba. The address is Marwan Madi Complex، Al-Azhar St. 2, Amman, Jordan.
  • Buy the Jordan pass in advance.
  • Dress appropriately, especially in Amman.

I hope you enjoyed this little Jordan road trip itinerary !

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