Read below 4 of the activities I did during my trip in Florida. ⬇️

1 | Airboat in the Everglades

There are a few activities you can do in Florida, and one of them is visiting the Everglades. There are several companies that offer boat tours. However, be aware that this activity does not take place in the Everglades Park but nearby. It is forbidden to practice it indoors in order to respect and protect the environment.

The park includes very different ecosystems with landscapes that are just as different. To the east there is what is called the “sea of ​​herbs” where you will find all the airboat companies. To the west is a forest area called “Big Cypress”. All around is the maritime part, with islands and mangroves.

A tour in the Everglades is in my opinion a must when visiting Florida. I enjoyed the activity, and had a lot of fun! The landscapes are impressive!

2 | Amusements parks in Orlando

Enjoy one of the famous amusement parks of Orlando like Disneyland, Universal Studio,….

During my stay in Miami I went with friends to an aquatic park in Orlando: the Disney’s Blizzard Beach. But I suggest you to try Universal Studio, which I really enjoyed in Los Angeles.

3 | Weekend trip to the Bahamas

Enjoy a weekend trip to the Bahamas! From Fort Lauderdale, it is only 3 hours by boat to Grand Bahama Island, which is one of the closest islands with the one of Bimini. That trip was organized by my school. We relaxed at the beautiful beaches and did a snorkeling afternoon with turtles. 😍

You can also take cruises to other Bahamian islands, like Nassau, from the port of Miami. This kind of cruise lasts more or less 5 days. It all depends on your time and above all on your budget.

4 | Weekend trip to Key West

From Miami, you can easily visit the keys.

I hope you enjoy reading this article about 4 activities to do in Florida.

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